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The Flint House front desk by Method Furniture Makers

Method furniture makers

Cabinetmakers and joiners dedicated to creating bespoke, handcrafted, fitted and freestanding furniture.

Custom kitchen cabinets and dresser by Method Furniture Makers

A blend of classic craftsmanship and modern techniques gives our furniture a sharp and well-executed durability

In an extremely disposable society where items are made in huge quantities and with poor materials, effectively a false economy, we believe it is important to create high quality pieces which not only look great but which also stand the test of time.

At Method Furniture Makers we design and build with enthusiasm, immersing ourselves in the job. It is with this approach that you can establish a worthwhile rapport with a dependable team, throughout the process and after point of installation.

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We work closely with architects, contractors and clients to produce imaginative projects from concept to conclusion, seeking out and utilising responsibly sourced materials.

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Absolutely fantastic work. I couldn’t be happier with the kitchen they built for me. Very professional, they craft to such a beautifully high standard. I can't thank them enough.
Tana . Brighton

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  • Flint house kitchen detail by Method Furniture Makers
  • The Ginger Pig bar by Method Furniture Makers
  • Kitchen shelf detail by Method Furniture Makers
  • Kitchen dresser by Method Furniture Makers
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